What’s the best portable charger for iPhone 11?


Are you looking for the good external battery for your iPhone 11? The battery capacity of this iPhone model is 3110, so if you need a power bank with which you could recharge your iPhone not 1-2 times, but several times, it makes sense to consider external batteries for 20,000 mAh.

Situation: you have arrived in a city unfamiliar to you. All day you went on excursions, walked, took pictures tirelessly with your phone. At noon, you just recovered from the culture shock and realized that you had not eaten anything. You need to find the restaurant that you read about in the travel article. Do not remember the name and address, you need to open the article. Take your smartphone in your hands and … It is discharged. No address or name, no batteries to find the way to the hotel on the map, too. The situation is unpleasant, but HE comes to the rescue – an external battery. You plug your device into it and look for whatever you need.

In this review, we have collected for you several popular models of the best portable charger for iPhone 11. However, be careful! The models discussed below are very often counterfeited. Sometimes even the stores themselves do not suspect that they are not selling original products, but counterfeit products.

Therefore, if you are interested in any model and you want to buy it, thoroughly check it for signs of a fake. Otherwise, you can be very disappointed in the purchase.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro 20000

Of course, the 2021 power bank rating could not do without a model from a world-famous Chinese company, famous for its impeccable combination of cost and quality of its products.

Able to charge not only phones, but also laptops and game consoles, Mi Power Bank 3 Pro is one of the best portable charger for iPhone 11 from Xiaomi. It supports fast charging of 2 devices at the same time and is equipped with a USB Type-C port in addition to 2 «simple» USB ports. Moreover, the power bank itself can also be charged in the fast QC 3.0 mode.

Please note that although the base capacity is indicated as 20,000 mAh, the actual (which the device can give to the phone) is less – 14,000 mAh.

– Durable metal case; – Overload and short circuit; – There is an indicator showing the level of charge.  – Massive.  

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2C 20000

If you doubt which external battery is better to buy for your phone, choose this power bank from Xiaomi – you cannot go wrong. At a low cost, it offers all the features of the more expensive models.

Power Bank 2C 20,000 performed well in terms of charging potential. It supports QuickCharge technology, and “in both directions” (and for external gadgets, and for itself). You can charge 2 devices at the same time, just keep in mind that fast charging will work only for one of them.

– The body is made of tactilely pleasant plastic; – There is a charge indicator; – Overload and short circuit– Easily soiled case; – The actual capacity is 13200 mAh.  


Large capacity Power Bank capable of charging any mobile gadget.

You can charge with or without a wire. Can charge up to four devices at the same time thanks to three USB ports and Qi function.

A digital indicator will tell you the exact remaining charge.

It can charge not only tablets, smartphones and small gadgets, but also laptops, Macbooks that support the PD function.

– Digital display; – The number of USB-connectors; – Wireless work; – The convenience of use; – Fast charging.  – Heavy; – Long-term self-replenishment of working capacity.  


This portable charger for iPhone 11 pleased with a wide range of colors and a solid design, but buyers appreciate it for the optimal combination of price and quality. At cost, HIPER is more profitable than some well-known brands, not inferior to them in opportunities. Power Bank supports PD and Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0, Macbook Charging, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger, MediaTek PumpExpress + 2.0, Huawei FCP.

It completely “refills” in 7 hours and allows you to recharge the tablet 4 times, and is suitable for laptops and other devices, thanks to different modes of operation. A high quality and reliable power bank is closed by an aluminum casing and has a capacity of 20,000 mAh. It can be taken on the road, used for everyday needs or purchased for hiking trips.

– Support for different types of high-speed charging; – Quickly accumulates energy; – Exact correspondence to the characteristics; – You can connect any wireless devices; – Practical aluminum body; – The ability to automatically determine the type of connected gadget; – Available in different colors; – Lighter and cheaper than many similar models.  – Very close location of ports; – It takes too long to fully charge the battery – as much as 17 hours.  

ZMI QB822 AURA Power Bank 20000mAh

This battery is one of the best portable charger for iPhone 11. Suitable for phones, laptops and other gadgets. It supports USB Power Delivery fast charging, has 2 USB A ports, one Type-C and an additional micro, and all kinds of protective functions. The device ingeniously combines compactness, high power consumption and modern technological stuffing, thus outperforming most competitors in terms of efficiency and reliability.

The external design matches the internal one – matte black plastic does not slip at all, and for a better grip, a textured pattern is applied on the sides. Independent tests have confirmed full compliance with the declared characteristics, buyers unanimously named the external battery one of the best on the market.

– Holds up to 4 charge cycles; – Suitable for various devices and laptops; – All types of protective functions; – Fully charged in 6 hours with fast charging; – Cable included; – LED indication of the operating mode and the percentage of charge; – Excellent workmanship.  – The price is somewhat overpriced.  

PowerBank Wireless Charger 20000 mAh Black

Compact portable wireless charger for iPhone 11 with a potential capacity of 20000 mAh. With this gadget, you can wirelessly charge iPhone 11 without using a USB cable at all. Simply place your smartphone on the wireless charging ring. An LED display with a charge indicator and a notification about the current type of charging will help you understand when it is time to charge the power bank or what type of charging is in use at the moment. A USB / microUSB cable is included with the device.

– The possibility of wireless and fast charging is provided; – Stylish design; – High speed charging– The case gets dirty quickly.  

SUNZOS portable wireless charger for iPhone 11 with quick charge

With this gadget, you can wirelessly charge iPhone 11 up to 50% in just half an hour. The device supports fast charging thanks to the 2A adapter. The device is compact enough for its capacity. The manufacturer honestly declares the real capacity, so you can be sure that you are not buying a pig in a poke.

Thanks to the presence of LED indicators, you can always determine how long its charge will last. You can charge up to 4 devices at the same time: three using USB cables and another using wireless charging. However, keep in mind that charging multiple devices at the same time will slow down the charging speed of each. If you need to charge your iPhone very quickly, do not charge other gadgets at the same time.

– The manufacturer honestly indicates the real capacity; – Ability to charge 4 devices at the same time; – Compact enough for its capacity; – Fair price.– Removing the case is required for wireless charging. – Wireless charging does not start automatically.


Well, now you know what’s the best portable charger for iPhone 11. However, if some models were not included in our review, this does not mean that they are bad. Presumably, other decent external rechargeable batteries will work well for your iPhone 11. In subsequent reviews, we will definitely look at power banks from other manufacturers.

We also want to draw your attention to the fact that the best power bank is the original power bank. Avoid fakes and counterfeit products, otherwise you risk getting a product whose real characteristics are significantly lower than that of the original. Besides, the service life of fakes is, at best, several months.