What good portable charger for iPhone on Amazon can be found?


Are you looking for a small external battery? We will tell you, which are the best portable charger for iPhone on Amazon. We have selected six popular models for you with many good reviews.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 5000

This is one of the most popular models of portable iPhone charger on Amazon. Lightweight, small size and capacity sufficient to charge most smartphones make this model the preferred choice if you do not want to pay extra for a flashlight and other unnecessary options.

However, this power bank has such necessary options as protection against short circuit, overheating and overload. In addition, the charge indicator is present. Moreover, the body is made not of cheap plastic, but of metal.

Please note that 5000 mAh is the capacity of the battery, but the capacity that it can give is 3300 mAh. Moreover, this is honestly indicated on the packaging of the device.

– True capacity; – Cool design; – Excellent tactile material; – Compactness; – Price; – Lightweight; – Charge indicator.– No fast charging; – Easily soiled case.  

Sititek Sun-Battery SC-09

 On Amazon iPhone portable battery charger from the famous brand Sititek is also popular. The model can be charged both from solar energy and from a 220 V electrical network or when connected to a PC using a USB cable. The control of the energy reserve is carried out thanks to the LED indication at the end of the device case.

The storage capacity is 5000 mA • h, the maximum output current is 1 A. The package includes a USB cable and five adapters such as Apple 30 pin, Apple 8 pin (Lightning), microUSB and miniUSB for connecting various devices.

– Versatility; – Compactness; – Indication of the charge level; – Low price; – Rich equipment.  – Low indicator of output current.


 Small, compact, beautiful, reliable. The product from Xiaomi’s partner – ZMI Company – turned out to be very successful and in demand in the market, despite its modest capacity. The declared energy reserve is 5000 mAh, the real capacity will be 30% lower, so a fully charged battery will certainly be able to fully charge your iPhone from 0 to 100%. The set includes a special adapter for Apple devices.

With a thickness of 8.72 millimeters, it easily fits into a bag, clutch or pocket, and the weight of 113 grams is practically not felt. Despite the low price, this Power Bank supports fast charging technology. With this feature, this portable charger for iPhone on Amazon is popular.

– Efficient polymer battery; – Minimum weight and thickness; – Supports fast charging (version 2.0) ; – 9 degrees of protection; – Stylish design to match iPhone devices; – Low price.  – Small capacity.

Fast Energy 5000 mAh White

The Fast Energy external battery is a very popular portable iPhone charger on Amazon. It has 3 built-in cables: Micro-USB, Lightning, Type-C, and is capable of charging 3 different devices at the same time, such as a smartphone, tablet, iqos, headphones, smart watch and more.

Charge on the go and do not be tied to power outlets. To turn on the power bank, press the “Power on” button on the side of the device. There is a charge indicator LED. The power bank is charged with a micro-USB cable (not supplied).

– Has different adapters; – Suitable for different phones; – Good battery capacity; – There are different connectors; – You can charge different devices at the same time.  – Cables do not fit too well on the case.

OneLounge MagSafe Wireless Charger Power Bank 5000mAh

You can charge devices in different ways: from the top, from the side, from the bottom … Or you can stick the battery with magnets to the back cover. This is probably what many accessory manufacturers thought after the release of the iPhone 12 and MagSafe charging. The presented model has a volume of 5000 milliamperes of hours and support for wireless charging technology.

– IPhone 12 charging power is 15W; – Ergonomic body; – Very convenient use.– Not a high-quality case; – Small battery; – Not the most reliable magnetic mount.  

Power Bank Hoco B35D

On Amazon iPhone portable battery charger from the Hoco brand has a significant number of positive reviews.

This is a universal external battery with LED display, used to recharge various devices: smartphones, tablets, players, bluetooth headphones, headsets, smart watches, fitness bracelets, action cameras, navigators, book readers and other compatible devices with a microUSB connector.

The body is made of high quality plastic. Long lasting battery: energy efficient A + polymer battery. The built-in electronic controller prevents damage to the battery from voltage surges.

A feature of the model is an LED indicator that shows the level of residual energy of the power bank. Has two USB ports compatible with all types of mobile phone cables. Supports parallel charging of two devices. The kit includes a microUSB cable.

Lightweight and compact size make it easy to place it in a bag, pocket or car glove compartment.

– LED digital indicator of charge level (button activation); – Supports parallel charging of two gadgets; – Multi-layered protection ensures safe charging.– Actual capacity is only 3100 mAh.  


We hope that our small review of 5000 mAh batteries was useful for you, and now you know what the best portable charger for iPhone on Amazon can be found. In subsequent reviews, we will look at the best 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000 mAh batteries.