Review on one of the best portable charger for iPhone 12


Usually external batteries are taken for change, and then they suffer: fast charging does not work, the real capacity is low and degrades quickly, and you need a separate wire to charge the «can» itself.

Alas, there are very few truly universal and high-quality batteries, even the best portable wireless charger for iPhone 12 does not always work with wireless charging and does not support fast protocols from Samsung, Huawei, Apple.

But InterStep PB12Qi can charge any gadgets at maximum speed. Moreover, it charges itself with a Lightning cord or through a fast Type-C port – whichever is more convenient.

Portable charger for iPhone 12 should be stylish

Once again, everything is in order with the exterior of InterStep: the stylish asymmetry of the metal frame of the case is decorated with leather inserts, and nothing more.

It looks expensive and strict; it is not a shame to put the latest model from the iPhone on the bar or on the table during a meeting.

Leather plays a functional role: it hides a wireless Qi-charging module. It is very pleasant to the touch, besides, it keeps itself and the smartphone perfectly, even in transport.

The battery is no larger (but thicker due to the wireless charging module) of many phones and is made to fit the average pocket. It is surprising, but this stuffed accessory even weighs no more than its competitors do; only 260 grams do.

Moreover, it suits him.

Volts and amperes for all occasions

It was not in vain that I mentioned the versatility of the InterStep PB12Qi. Usually external batteries support 1-2 fast protocols and a couple of identical ports.

However, our hero has a whole battery of different-sized connectors for everyone, the main one of which is the bidirectional USB Type C. Moreover, the wireless charging module of the usual Qi standard.

As a USB-C input, it supports fast charging according to Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC and Power Delivery 2 options: 5V / 3A and 9V / 2A.

For charging other gadgets, everything is the same, but the PD protocols change to 5V / 2A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A. Interestingly, the iPhone needs to be charged with a USB-C to Lightning cable to activate the PD, and nothing else.

The USB 3.0 output (green) does not support PD at all, but it can work for fast charging of external gadgets. It is impossible to charge the «can» through it.

As, however, through the usual USB, which is used only to transfer ordinary 5V / 2A.

The key feature of this portable phone charger for iPhone 12 mini is fast wireless charging with power up to 10W. Works with both Samsung S9 / Note9 and iPhone (9V / 0.85A mode) and other compatible gadgets such as Huawei P20 Pro.

Charging is activated using a separate (single) button 5 seconds after pressing and the red LED near the Lightning input lights up.

Why is this needed? To charge faster and safer – Low current charging at high voltage replenishes batteries quickly and without heating, which is very useful for iPhone.

Bonuses: MacBook charging, Lightning and more

An interesting feature of the portable wireless charger for iPhone 12 is the presence of a Lightning connector for charging an external battery. This allows owners of older iPhones to use 1 lanyard for both the phone and the power bank.

However, you have to pay for everything: in this case, the port limits the current to a meager 5V / 1.5A. It will take a very, very long time to charge.

Another feature of this InterStep model is wireless pass-through charging. We connect the battery via USB to the 220V line (do not forget about the charger!), and put the smartphone on the wireless module. In addition, we charge both devices.

This turns the battery into a desktop wireless charger. There will be enough power to charge both the bank and the phone by morning. However, there are nuances:

  • In pass-through mode, the battery only supports normal Qi-charging at 5W, does not support fast – apparently for safety reasons;
  • To start charging the smartphone, you need to press the button;
  • The battery is automatically turned off after the end of charging – if the smartphone is charged and taken out of charge later, it will have time to work out due to its battery for some time.

For such a busy device, the ability to recharge the MacBook seems like a nice bonus. Moreover, the fact that you need a USB-C to USB-C cable and PD in 18W (low current) mode is no longer intimidating.

What else can charge the portable wireless charger for iPhone 12 InterStep

For understanding: an 18-watt power supply with QC 3.0 support (which every owner of a flagship on Android with a Qualcomm processor has fresh for 2 years) will charge InterStep PB12Qi in 5 hours.

An iPhone power supply connected to USB-C, or any other via the Lightning connector, will cope with this task in 9 hours.

A cheap Chinese “feeder” for 1 A will work for 12 hours without a break.

Yeah, we have already calculated: PB12Qi promises 12,000 mAh, but the calculation gives completely different numbers! Alas, this is the value on the battery at 3.7V.

Actual recoil capacity is 7,800mAh when devices are charged at 5V.

How many smartphones will one battery charge?

Given the actual capacity, the portable phone charger for iPhone 12 mini can charge almost any modern flagship smartphone 2 or even 3 times.

In addition, the still popular, even outdated iPhone 6/7/8 will recharge 4 times in a row!

However, the owners of state employees with a «fat» battery have nothing to worry about: PB12Qi can be charged at any time without disconnecting the smartphone.

Pass-through charging works well without overheating or derating. Drawdowns and pulsations were not noticed at this time.

Even 2 devices included for charging in InterStep PB12Qi cannot heat it up. However, for reliability, in order to avoid overheating, the current drops to 5V / 2A for each.

Fewer restrictions apply for wireless charging: at the same time, for example, you can use fast charging via USB-C and the usual 7.5W via the Qi module.


Key benefits of the best portable wireless charger for iPhone 12

  1. Stylish appearance, for which you are not ashamed in any situation. In addition, the PB12Qi is also very strong and easily survives blows!
  2. Absolute omnivorousness – I have not seen this even among the most cunning Chinese developers. This “bank” will be useful to everyone, with any smartphone.
  3. Optimal capacity, sufficient for active use of the gadget in urban environments.

Main disadvantages

  1. Serious weight: not everyone will be pleased to carry the 260-gram portable charger for iPhone 12 in their pocket.
  2. Restrictions on the recoil current when charging 2 devices at the same time. This is done for safety, to protect against overheating – but still not happy.

Instead of conclusions: now this is my favorite «can»

I had several dozen external batteries of different brands. However, the InterStep model clearly stands out among them for its absolute omnivorousness and excellent stability. Charging, discharging, capacity – everything is fair, everything works like a clock and corresponds to the passport data. Therefore, I can safely call it the best portable charger for iPhone 12.

You no longer need to buy an external battery for a new smartphone and carry a bunch of wires. Minimalism and functionality – what could be better?