How to choose the best Apple portable charger in 2021?

Are you looking to buy an external rechargeable battery for your iPhone and want to know what the best portable charger for iPhone is? In this article, we will tell you what you should first pay attention to in order to make the right choice.


Operating principle

External devices for charging electronic gadgets have a complex mechanism that is hidden from prying eyes under the body. The device has a built-in battery, which, when connected through a special connector to the gadget, begins to transmit electrical impulses to it, due to which the battery of the mobile device is charged. The duration of a possible recharge depends on the capacity of the battery. This charger can be charged and reused.

Benefits of Apple portable charger

This type of power bank is suitable for people who regularly carry a large number of gadgets with them and do not have a timely connection to the electrical network for recharging.

Among the advantages of Power Bank, it should be noted:

  • small size and weight of the device;
  • the device is easy to use;
  • most of the models have robust housings that prevent damage;
  • the device works without recharging for a long time;
  • can be used for almost all gadgets that are suitable in terms of power.

Also, a great advantage is the fact that there are no voltage failures during charging, and the device does not in any way affect the functionality of the mobile device.

How to choose Apple portable charger for iPhone?

  1. The key factor when choosing the best power bank is mAh (or milliampere-hour) – the capacity of the charger. Divide the power bank by the battery capacity of your phone to find out how many times it can be charged. The more mAh, the better, but the size of the device and its cost also go up.
  2. The second important feature is the current strength. A good power bank should have a current of at least 2 amperes to quickly charge a smartphone. Otherwise, you will have to wait a very long time when your phone is finally fully charged.
  3. The third feature that should be taken into account before choosing a power bank is the number of USB ports. It reflects the number of devices you can charge at the same time.
  4. Finally, the types of connectors present on a particular model are important. All power banks are equipped with USB ports for charging phones, and only a few have micro-USB, Type-C and Lightning inputs.

Look at the capacity of the external battery

To choose the best Apple portable iPhone charger, first, you should pay attention to the power consumption. Everything is simple and clear here. The larger the capacity, the more energy the device stores, and the more expensive it is. Capacity is measured in mAh – milliampere hours.

On sale, you can find portable chargers with a capacity from several hundred milliampere hours to several tens of thousands. You can estimate the level of charge that you need based on the battery capacity of your smartphone or tablet.

For example, in an average smartphone the battery has a capacity of 2000 mAh, in productive and expensive models – from 2500 to 3000 mAh. This means that a fully charged 5000 mAh external battery will last for 2-2.5 charging cycles. A fully charged 10,000 mAh external battery will last for 4-5 cycles. If portable charging is necessary for a tablet, then you should choose from models with a larger capacity, for example, 20 or 30 thousand mAh.

Trust, but verify, because the declared capacity of Apple portable iPhone charger does not always coincide with the real one

Another important point is the real capacity of the Power Bank. The fact is that many manufacturers embellish the performance of their products. Of the 50 models of portable chargers that came to us for testing over the past year, 46 had a capacity significantly less than stated. On average, the difference was 25%.

For example, the manufacturer indicated that the external battery has a capacity of 10,000 mAh, but in reality – 7,800 mAh. The difference is related both to the dishonesty of the developers and to improper storage of batteries during transportation and subsequent sale.

 Number and type of output connectors

The number of connectors depends on the number of simultaneously charged devices.

  • USB ports – for smartphones. Usually there are one or two of them. Better to take with two, one is not enough. A mini version of this input is often found – MicroUSB.
  • USB Type-C – often used in devices with fast charging.
  • Lightning – to replenish energy on Apple gadgets.

Often, adapters for a variety of equipment are sold (or can be purchased separately) in the kit.

Convenient wireless charging: no inputs or wires just put the phone on the battery. The main condition is that your smartphone (or other equipment) also supports a wireless connection.

Look at the amperage, it affects the charging speed

Another factor that affects the charging speed is the amperage. What is the best portable charger for iPhone? – of course the one with more amperes. The more amperes, the faster the charging speed. For phones and smartphones, this figure should be at least 1 ampere. Otherwise, the process itself will be extremely slow. It will take 3 or 4 times longer to fully charge than from the mains.

For tablets, devices with amperage from 3 A will be preferable. Ideal option is 4 A.

Device charge indicators

Now almost all models are equipped with LEDs, they approximately show the remaining charge in the battery. There are digital indicators in the form of a small display, but they add value and eat up precious charge.


Useful if your power is often cut off or you like to relax in nature. However, you should pay attention to the brightness of the element. Some flashlights are barely noticeable when turned on, so there is no point in buying them.

There are also options for increased brightness, as well as lamps in which the area of ​​the luminous element is increased. This backlight allows you to read comfortably.

Fast charging function

With a power bank that supports this option, charging is 40-50% faster. This is possible by varying the supply voltage and current. The controller monitors the parameters of the charging unit and supplies the connector with voltage and current suitable for acceleration.

However, it should be borne in mind that the technology of fast energy replenishment differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, before buying, you should make sure that the power bank and the gadget support the same mode.

In some situations, the through charge function may come in handy – this is the simultaneous replenishment of the resource of the battery itself and the device connected to it.


Body material

There are metal and plastic cases. Metallic, of course, looks stylish, but we do not buy it for beauty. Therefore, I advise you to take plastic – it is lighter, which is very important for a tourist backpack.

If there is a risk of contact with water, then it is worth choosing a waterproof case with a high level of sealing (indicated by the IP marking). To protect against shock, the batteries are equipped with rubber or silicone pads.

Take into account self-discharge of Apple portable charger for iPhone

Such an indicator as self-discharge also influences the real capacity.

On average, external batteries with a full charge are discharged by 5% within two weeks. This should be taken into account if you do not use the Power Bank for a long time. To activate electrolytic reactions, it is worth recharging the device before use.

Take into account the fact that the capacity of the battery will decrease over time. Our measurements show that with active use, a high-quality battery loses its capacity by 15% per year, the cheapest models – 35%.

Almost all Power Banks use LED indicators to monitor the charge level. Moreover, some external batteries are equipped with LED displays that show the exact state of charge as a percentage.


This is the last thing to look out for. The housing can be plastic or metal. The color is most often silver, white, black or red.

Some people choose the design of the device to match the color of their phone. However, this is a matter of taste. The case material plays a role if the device is to be used in harsh environments. Protection will not hurt here, so get a model in shock-resistant design.

Input and output current level

The output current largely determines the charging speed of gadgets. This figure should be no lower than that set by the manufacturer of the charged device. If there are multiple connectors on the case, it is worth considering that the total output current will be limited. Therefore, the power bank can have two connectors of 2.5 A. Well, in practice, the battery will not be able to simultaneously deliver more than 4 A. If the output current is less than that for which the gadget is designed, recharging will occur, however, much slower.

The charging speed of the power bank itself is determined by the strength of the input current, the voltage level.

Some modern smartphones support Quick Charge technologies. Some manufacturers call it differently, but the essence is the same. In this case, you should pay attention to the power bank with fast charging function.

Choose a power bank with multiple USB ports to charge your friends’ smartphones at the same time

Some models of portable chargers have multiple USB ports to connect two, three or even more mobile devices at once. This option is suitable for simultaneous recharging, for example, when you go on a trip with friends. It is comfortable. All of you can charge your phones, smartphones and even tablets together.

Often you ask us where you can guarantee to buy a cheap high-quality external battery. We cannot give a definite answer. Of course, the reliability of a purchase in a large Russian online store or in a retail network is higher, but prices are also higher there. It is worth remembering that little-known Chinese sellers have a peculiarity: they can cheat. Their external batteries are much cheaper than branded counterparts, they often indicate the volume 2 or 3 times higher than the real one. Too low a price can be a trap. Although branded Power Banks in such stores can be fakes.

Package of Apple portable charger

Most power banks come with a microUSB adapter. It fits most smartphones and tablets. If you have the latest Apple model, you need a Lightning adapter.

Some gadgets have an adapter for the old Apple connector and miniUSB. The latter is intended for older phones and players.

Additional functionality

Modern external batteries are supplied with a number of additional functions:

  • The presence of a built-in flashlight, usually a powerful LED performs this function.
  • The charging indicator will indicate how much power is left in the power bank itself.
  • Protection systems. Manufacturers supply models with protection systems against deep discharge, overheating, overload.
  • Built-in solar panel allows you to recharge the battery in good weather.
  • The wireless charging function will be useful only if it is supported on your gadgets.


We hope this article was helpful to you, and now you know what are the main indicators to look for in order to choose the best Apple portable charger in 2021 for your iPhone. In subsequent articles, we will analyze specific examples of the best devices and make ratings to make it easier for you to navigate among a significant variety of gadgets.